Festival Ballet School


Our school provides a comprehensive education through three distinct divisions.

The Open Enrollment Division serves a community of students age 2.5 years to adult. Within this division is our young children’s program, teen program, adult program, and adaptive ballet program. Creative movement, pre-ballet classes, ballet, modern, and jazz classes from the beginner level to the advanced level of training and body conditioning classes. Enrollment in this division is open to all who are interested in dance at Festival Ballet Providence. There is no audition requirement although some classes have an age requirement while others require a placement class.

The Pre-Professional Division is a program for serious ballet students beginning at age 8. Through an audition process, students enroll in our Core Ballet Program and are guided through a graded curriculum of classical ballet. They also take classes in enrichment classes in character, modern, jazz and body conditioning to enhance their overall development. At the end of each year students are evaluated before accepted into the next level of training within the pre-professional program. Students who do not advance to the next level in the Pre-Professional Division or who are interested in a less rigorous curriculum are encouraged to transfer to the Open Enrollment Division. We have developed a Trainee Program within this Pre-Professional Division which is available to students who display the physical potential, talent, and discipline to become a professional ballet dancer. This trainee program is offered to the most advanced students and typically serves as a post graduate year following high school and prior to entering a professional company.

The Summer Division serves our open enrollement students with a modified 5th term of open evening classes, a 3-week mini-intensive course, morningclasses for our young children, and a theater arts camp for students age 7-10. Our more serious students are invited to audition for one of our more intensive courses of study at age 10. These programs include a 2-week Junior Intensive and a 4-week Senior Intensive.

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